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Shawn Bollig

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Joan and Fred Brengel Family Foundation

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Lisa Eltinge and Jonathan Burton

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Don and Sallie Davis

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Dominique and Amey Delugeau

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Mary Jo and Tom Dempsey

Harry Dennis

Joan Dicka

Patrick and Christine Dillon

Christopher Doerr

John and Patricia Dowd

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Amie Dragoo

Lynn and Ron Drecktrah

Eileen and Joseph Driessen

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Jacquelyn and Michael Engle

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David Erne

Monica and Paul Fahrni

Angela Fedler

Katie Feller

Peter and Lisa Ferrazzano

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Christine Hamilton Foote

Robert Matthew and Julia Foster

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Gardens By Garland

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Steve and Michelle Hoke

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John and Norita Hollar

Michael Hollar

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Diane and Robert Jenkins Family Foundation

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Lands' End

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Madison Vintage Auto Club

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Bradley and Patricia Morris

Margit Moses

Mountain Colors Painting, Inc.

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Peter Botcher and Sarah Oberpriller

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Premier Cooperative

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Agustin and Rebecca Ramirez

Randall Family Fund

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Jennifer and Richman Reinauer

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Midori and John Shaw

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Girl Scout Troop #673, Fourth Graders at Our Lady Queen of Peace

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